Your Turn Challenge – Day 7 – What goes with you

Day 7: What are you taking with you from this Challenge?

What I’m taking from the Your Turn Challenge is that … nothing is ever easy. Even if it’s something that you know in your heart of hearts that you want… getting to it will have its challenges. You have to commit to the goal, and make sacrifices. You have to do the hard thing, which means taking time away from all the other distractions that life has to offer, in order to do what needs to be done to reach your goal.

There’s no such thing as “if I had time…” because, really, if it’s important you will make time. You will prioritize and find the time and space you need to write those words, edit those pages, review the critique you received…

It’s not easy, no. But it’s worth it. Seeing your dreams fulfilled, honing the muscle, the skill you need to take you to the next level… it’s worth the time, worth the pain… it’s worth it.

How about you? What are you doing today to reach your noveling goals? Writing prompts? 15 minutes a day? Changing your reading list?


What are your thoughts?

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